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Yep, that’s me!

Main Value Propositions:

  1. For applied/industry settings: utilization of both current practices and timeless theoretical understanding, and
  2. For academic settings: training students both in theoretical principles, as well as the practical skills that are highly sought by employers.


My professional background is varied, with experience in fields such as IT, retail, and applied social-scientific research. More than anything, I am passionate about acquiring and sharing knowledge, and utilizing research and best practices to improve and market organizations’ products and services. My main area of expertise is communication. I have also enjoyed teaching and applying advanced English-language (e.g., business and professional writing) and sociological theory, thanks to my interdisciplinary education and training background (with a B.A. in English-Writing, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication, Culture, and Media, with a social-scientific emphasis).

I look forward to:

1) Helping your organization stand out from the crowd via your unique values, and

2) Helping students and professionals learn or improve valuable skills (and learning from them as well), and to collaborate with colleagues from around the world!

Quick Facts:


—> B.A. & Masters: English-Writing & Communication Studies, Kean U., Union, NJ

—> Ph.D.: Communication, Culture, and Media, Drexel U., Philly.

***   ***  ***

Personal Background:

—> Born in: Uganda, East Africa

—> **Adopted** home state(s)/metro-area: NJ-Philly-Delaware Valley.

Media Appearances

Press Release

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self-communication, communication, talking to yourself, mental health, internal dialogue, inner voice, stream of consciousness, train of thought, interior monologue, mind mapping, association of ideas

A Social-Scientific Examination of the Dynamics

Of Communication, Thought, & Selves


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