Teaching & Research

Long-Form Curriculum Vita


My main discipline of expertise is Communication. As a Communication-Studies generalist, I take great pride in my capability and experience vis-a-vis teaching a variety of communication classes.

I particularly enjoy teaching courses with substantive amounts of theory and research-methodology practice, including both quantitative (statistics) and qualitative research-methods courses. I have also enjoyed teaching English and Sociology, thanks to my interdisciplinary education and training-background (with a B.A. in English-Writing, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication, Culture, and Media, with a social-scientific emphasis). 

Courses Of Particular Interest In The Future:

  • Statistics for Communication and/or Social-Science
  • General theory courses for communication & social-science
  • Introduction to software-development and analytics for online communication

Teaching Experience:

Please Note: I believe the emphasized [Italicized & Underlined] courses demonstrate the variety of my experience. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me for course-material samples.

Fort Hays State University (FHSU), Hays, KS; Role: Assistant Professor (NTT)

  • SP ’20: Communication and Conflict Management/Resolution
  • FA ’19 to SP ’20: Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Communication Basic Course)

Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ; Role: Adjunct Professor

  • SP ’19: Intercultural Communication

Wenzhou-Kean University, Wenzhou, P. R. China; Role: Lecturer (NTT)

  • FA ’17: Speech Communication as Critical Citizenship (Communication Basic Course)
  • FA ’17: Business and Professional Communication

Middlesex County College, Edison NJ; Role: Adjunct Professor

  • SP ’16: Introduction to Public Speaking

Kean University, Union NJ; Role: Adjunct Professor

  • FA ’10 to SP ’17 (Intermittently): Speech Communication as Critical Citizenship (Basic Course)
  • SP ’16: Business and Professional Communication (For Both Speech-Presentation- & Writing- Emphases)
  • FA ’16: Listening (Communication Special Topics Course)
  • FA ’16: English Composition
  • FA ’15: Senior Capstone Course / Quantitative (Statistics) & Qualitative Communication-Research Methods
  • FA ’11: Communication and Conflict Resolution

Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley, PA; Role: Adjunct Professor

  • FA ’16: Media Technology—Online Course

Drexel University, Philadelphia PA; Role: PhD Student and Adjunct Professor

  • WI ’13 to FA ’13: Principles of Communication
  • WI ’13 to SP ’14: Intercultural Communication
  • SP ’14 to WI ’15: Introduction to Sociology

Temple University, Philadelphia PA; Role: Adjunct Professor

  • FA ’12: Intercultural Communication

Current Research

Cognitive-Science-Related Book June 2022:

Public Synopsis

Link (On Publisher’s Website):


Other Past & Ongoing Research

General sub-discipline trajectory:

>> Circa 2009 & Masters to 2012:

> Organizational & strategic communication, intercultural comm.–i.e. refugees’ discourses, instructional communication, other related.

>> Ph.D. & Post-Ph.D, 2012 to 2020:

> Health comm.–e.g. illness survivors’ narratives and discourses; interpersonal comm. between healthcare workers and patients and caretakers; other,

> Mass media–e.g. the concept and practice of truth in politics, journalism and journalism studies,

> Other: interpersonal, mass media.

>> Current; 2020 to ___:

> Wrap up of health-comm. project–i.e.interpersonal comm. between healthcare workers and patients and caretakers.

Transition from above topics, to a combined agenda uniting:

> Cognitive science,

> Organizational-communication and PR,

> Computer-mediated communication,

> Mass media (including production) and social-/new-media, and

> Peace and conflict communication at the micro- and meso-levels, i.e. in the contexts of interpersonal communication in group dynamics and in organizations.

More details coming soon…